About Franklyn Farm


We are full time farmers surviving on the edge of what is known as Boreal Forest Country.  The farm is situated in Woodlands County which surrounds Whitecourt , Alberta, Canada.  The main industry around us is oil and lumber with several prominent mills in the area.

My husband looks after the cow calf and field management and for me the Katahdin Sheep are my responsibility.   This breed of sheep is raised for lamb meat only with the thick winter coat shedding in the spring.  It can be a bit messy at times when it is very dry but the fibre shed is protein and as such returns to the soil as fertilizer.   My Katahdins are bred for mothering, easy lambing and carcass qualities.  They are a registered flock with the Canadian Katahdin Sheep Association (www.katahdinsheep.com) .   I needed an easy care medium sized breed that I could look after myself and this breed does it all very well.

Allie keeps and eye on her lambs
Allie keeps and eye on her lambs

We also grow barley or oats and harvest forage for our long winter feeding.  We have Livestock Guardian Dogs protecting our sheep and cows and without their watchful eyes, we would not be able to keep sheep for sure and predator losses during calving time occurred in the past.    Three alpacas also keep a watchful eye on the horizon.  Although not much good at attacking anything, they provide the dogs with another watch system.  Their bugle calls are often heard when some poor coyote takes an “innocent” walk through the top fields.

Katahdin sheep care and breeding