Rams and Ewes Photo shots

  • IMG_0069 A selection of rams not necessarily Franklyn Farm’s.  There is some variation in the characteristics of the Katahdin Ram and sometimes confuse people.  Colour is allowed but horns are not.  Scurs are allowable but these should be insignificant and not show up as a large attached deformed horn.KatahdinRam&Ewes Mish ewe 3 The coat is important in that the ram must come from an “A” or “AA” coated classified Dam and show the same characteristics of the parent.   If a ram lamb is born late in the season, he may not shed out in that first year.  Usually checking out the rest of the flock or his origin will let you know if this shedding factor is found through out the rest of them.P1010961 The nature of the Katahdin sheep is generally good and they respond well to a known manager of their food etc.  Easy care for younger and older people to manage, it should not be forgotten that adult males of any livestock should not be taken for granted and an eye kept on them while in the pen.trail5 AveryVJ 9004 sire2010 These fine Katahdins show the meat qualities of the breed and a long length of loin.LydiaBissig2011ram

Katahdin sheep care and breeding